Sony ZV-1 Vlog Camera vs RX100 VA Specs Comparison

Sony has just launched a compact vlog camera for Instagram and Tiktok generation. Sony ZV-1 is a modified RX100 camera with some new features brought in to help people vlog better.

ZV-1 vs RX100VA

ZV-1 has similar specs as the older RX100VA. They both feature the excellent Zeiss F1.8 – F2.8 aperture 24-70mm lens and 1-inch sensor. It’s not clear if they both come with the same exact 1-inch sensor though.

There are a few features ZV-1 has but RX100VA doesn’t.

  • ZV-1 has a fully articulating slide-out LCD screen making it easy to record videos at any angle
  • Excellent Eye-AF is available on ZV-1, but not on RX100VA
  • Sony’s newer tracking AF is available on ZV-1.
  • There is a new Face Priority Exposure mode available on the ZV-1
  • Product showcase mode is currently not available on any RX100 series camera but is available on ZV-1

There is one feature RX100VA has, which many wish Sony kept it on the ZV-1 as well. The EVF – Electronic View Finder – is missing on the vlog camera. This can come in handy when you are shooting videos and photos outside on a sunny day. The LCD screen is not that bright under direct sunlight when recording 4K on the ZV-1. EVF would have helped in such conditions to compose and shoot better.

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