[ FIX ] Your bootable USB drive could not be Created while installing Windows on Mac

If you have been trying to install Windows 10 on your Apple Macbook Air / Pro / Mini etc using the Boot camp assistant app, chances are you would run into a “Your bootable USB drive could not be created. There is not enough Disk Space available on the Disk” error. This error comes even when you have a lot of GBs of space free on your thumb drive.

It’s actually very easy to fix. 

The issue is caused by the Filesystem your USB drive is formatted with. By default, it’s formatted to Fat32. This filesystem can’t handle files bigger than 4GB. The Windows 10 installation ISO file has a .wim file that is bigger than 4GB, which when Bootcamp tries to copy, it throws the “Not enough disk space error”.

Here is the step by step Fix

  1. Format your USB drive to Exfat filesystem ( right-click on the Drive, hit format and choose Exfat from Filesystem menu )
  2. Open the Windows 10 iso file and copy all the contents inside it manually to the USB drive you just formatted. ( Don’t copy the .iso file itself )
  3. Then go to Boot camp and uncheck the first option that says Create a Windows 7 or later version install disk. 

Proceed with the rest of the steps. 

Another issue you would probably run into while installing Windows 10 via Bootcamp is having not enough free space to create Windows partition. To free up space, delete Timemachine backups as well as empty the trash.

For more info on Boot camp How to, visit the official Apple doc page here.

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