BenQ SW271C 4K PhotoVue Monitor Launched in India | Price, Specs

Benq has launched SW271C 4K Monitor in India online. It has an MRP price of 1,49,000 and a launch selling price of Rs 1,29,989 ( May 2021 ). This monitor is now in stock online on ( check here for availability, and current offers ).

BenQ SW271C is a 4K Adobe RGB PhotoVue Monitor made for Photo and Video professionals. This is an updated version of the popular SW271 monitor launched a while back. This new model and the old model have a lot in common. Benq has brought some welcome improvements to give you a better overall working experience.

BenQ SW271C is a 27 inch 4K monitor with a native resolution of 3840×2160 pixels supported. This monitor comes with AQCOLOR Technology for Accurate Color Reproduction. It supports 1.07 billion colors with 99% AdobeRGB / 90% P3 / 100% sRGB color gamut. According to reviews online, this uses 8-bit + FRC to achieve 10-bit color. Benq in a blog post claims “In practical terms, the effect is genuine and you would not be able to tell the difference between 8-bit FRC and native 10-bit panels”.

This monitor is Factory Calibrated offering you an out of the box color accuracy, and each ship with the factory calibration report. It boasts Calman Verified status and is Pantone Validated. Third Party Video Calibration Softwares like Calman and LightSpace are supported as well.

BenQ SW271C comes with an improved Hotkey Puck G2 for easy access to some prefered shortcuts. The USB-C port on this new model supports 60W power delivery while the older one only did 10W. Check out the full specs below.

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BenQ SW271C 4K Monitor Specifications

  • Display size: 27 inch
  • Panel Type: IPS LCD
  • Max brightness: 300nits
  • Refresh rate: 60hz
  • Bit Depth / Color Support: 10-Bit (1.07 Billion Colors)
  • HDR support: HDR10, HLG
  • Color gamut: 100% sRGB, 90% DCI-P3, 99% AdobeRGB
  • Connectivity: HDMI v2.0, DisplayPort v1.4, USB Type-C Port ( PowerDelivery 60W, DisplayPort Alt Mode, Data ), 2x USB 3.1 ( Downstream ), 1x USB Type B ( Upstream )
  • Card reader: SD/SDHC/SDXC/MMC
  • Certification: Calman verified, Pantone Validated
  • Other features: Hotkey Puck G2, Hardware Calibration, Delta E <=2, 16-bit 3D-LUT, Black & White mode, Gamut Duo, Firmware update via USB
  • Software: Palette Master Element, Paper Color Sync

Lenovo G27-20 144hz Gaming Monitor Price in India ( AMD FreeSync / 1ms MPRT / Full HD / 27-inch )

Lenovo has launched the G27-20 Gaming Monitor in India online. It has an MRP price of Rs 28,490 and will be available for a lower price online. This monitor is now listed and available to purchase from Check here for the current lowest price, reviews, and offers – Sold by Appario Retail Private Ltd and Fulfilled by Amazon.

May 2021 Price: Rs 17,529.

Lenovo G27-20 is a 27 inch Full HD Gaming Monitor with a native resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. It has a 3-side NearEdgeless IPS panel with 144 Hz refresh rate support for a smoother gaming experience. The max brightness supported by this panel is 400nits.

Lenovo G27-20 comes with AMD FreeSync Premium support and has 1ms (with MPRT2) response time ( 3ms (Extreme Mode) / 5ms (Normal Mode) ). It has 16.7 Million color support and has a 99% sRGB color gamut for good color reproduction. Check out the full specs below.

Manufacturer description
When it comes to performance, Lenovo G27-20’s got game. Let’s start with a look at its 27-inch 1920 x 1080 full HD resolution In-Plane Switching panel display that delivers startlingly life-like lighting effects to gameplay in a luminous 400 cd/m2, thanks to HDR decoding1 on the fly. It never misses a beat, even in the most intense moments, because of its speedy 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms MPRT2 response time, coupled with AMD FreeSync Premium, remove image stutter, break, tear and streak from the experience, leaving a smooth, fluid unspoiled session. Besides, the 99% sRGB color gamut display featuring true 8-bit color will make your gameplay impressive for sure.

Lenovo G27-20 Specifications

  • Panel type: 3-side NearEdgeless, Anti-glare, IPS, WLED backlit
  • Panel size: 27 inch
  • Monitor resolution: 1920×1080 pixels
  • Refresh rate: 144hz
  • Color gamut: 99% sRGB
  • Response time: 3ms (Extreme Mode) / 5ms (Normal Mode) / 1ms (with MPRT2)
  • Dynamic Contrast Ratio (typical): 3M:1
  • Contrast Ratio (typical): 1000:1
  • Max brightness: 400nits
  • Viewing angle: 178° / 178°
  • Input ports: 1x HDMI 1.4, 1x DP 1.2
  • Audio port: 1x Audio Out (3.5 mm)
  • Sync support: AMD Radeon Freesync Premium Compatible
  • Power Consumption (typical/max): 22W / 32W
  • In the box: 1x DP cable (1.8m)
  • Price in India: Rs 28,490 MRP ( will be available for a lower price )

How to Reduce External Monitor Brightness in Ubuntu 21.04 [ Solved ]

Prior to Ubuntu 21.04 update, we could easily reduce the brightness of an external monitor using commands like xrandr or using the brightness-controller app. However, the new Ubuntu 21.04 switched to Wayland, resulting in xrandr and brightness-controller app non-functional.

I did some research on how to reduce external brightness in Wayland and the many ‘solutions’ and suggestions online seem not to work on my laptop. The brightness of my monitor even at its lowest setting is a bit too bright for my eyes. So I had to find a way.

Just Disable Wayland and switch back to Xorg. This lazy fix is for people who jusy want an easy and quick way to get back the functionality and not tinker with a lot of commands to make it work with wayland. Just follow the below commands.

How to disable Wayland in Ubuntu 21.04

  • Open a Terminal ( Ctrl + Alt + T )
  • Enter this command sudo gedit /etc/gdm3/custom.conf
  • Find the line #WaylandEnable=false in the configuration file
  • Remove the # from the above line – it should now read WaylandEnable=false.
  • Save the file
  • Reboot your system

After the reboot, your Ubuntu 21.04 will reboot with Xorg. The Xrandr command and brightness-controller app will now work as it used to be on earlier Ubuntu versions.

If you haven’t tried xrandr or brightness controller app yet, check here to know more on how to use those to reduce external monitor brightness.

Lenovo L24q-30 Monitor Price in India ( 23.8 / QHD / 99% sRGB )

Lenovo has launched L24q-30 Monitor in India online. It has a launch selling price of Rs 19,329 and an MRP price of Rs 23,390. This monitor is now in stock online on ( check here for the current lowest price and offers ).

Lenovo L24q-30 is a 23.8 inch, QHD monitor with a native resolution of 2560×1440 pixels. It features an IPS, anti-glare screen with wide viewing angles. The max refresh rate supported by this panel is 75hz. It has a response time of 4m ( extreme mode ). For good color reproduction, this panel supports 99% sRGB.

Lenovo L24q-30 supports AMD Freesync and can achieve a max brightness of 300nits. The typical contrast ratio is 1000:1. This monitor comes with a 1x HDMI 1.4 port and 1x Display Port 1.2 for connectivity. Check out the full specs below.

Lenovo L24q-30 Monitor Specifications

Panel TypeIPS
Screen ResolutionQHD ( 2560×1440 pixels )
Screen Size224 inch ( 23.8 inch )
Refresh rate75hz
Response time4ms ( extreme )
Contrast ratio ( typical )1000:1
Dynamic Contrast Ratio (typical)3M:1
Connectivity 1 x HDMI 1.4, 1 x DP 1.2, 1 x Audio Out (3.5 mm)
Brightness240 nits ( typical ) / 300nits ( peak )
Color gamut99% sRGB
Sync technologyAMD FreeSync
Audio1 x Audio Out (3.5 mm)
Power consumption20W ( typical ) / 31W ( max )
ColorRaven black
India PriceRs 23,390 ( MRP ) / Launch Price: Rs 19,329

HP X24ih 13L82AA Gaming Monitor Price in India ( IPS / 144hz / Adaptive Sync / Full HD )

HP has launched X24ih 13L82AA Gaming Monitor in India online. It has an MRP price of Rs 19,404. The current lowest price is Rs 16,990 ( April 2021 Price ). In the US, it has a price tag of $249.00. This monitor is now in stock on ( check here for the current lowest price and offers ).

HP X24ih 13L82AA is a Full HD Gaming Monitor with a 24 inch ( 23.8 ) IPS screen. It comes with Adaptive Sync support and supports a 144hz refresh rate for a smoother gaming and visual experience. The max brightness supported by this panel is 350nits.

It has a 1ms GtG (with overdrive) response time and has a 1000:1 static contrast ratio. The panel has an anti-glare coating for comfortable viewing. Low blue light mode is available as well. For connectivity, this monitor comes with 1x HDMI 2.0 port and 1x DisplayPort 1.2.

Coming Soon: HP X27i 2K Gaming Monitor, HP X24c Gaming Monitor.

HP X24ih 13L82AA Monitor Specs and Features

  • Panel type: IPS
  • Resolution: Full HD 1920×1080 pixels
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9
  • Panel size: 24 inch ( 23.8 )
  • Refresh rate: 144hz
  • Reponse time: 1ms GtG (with overdrive)
  • Contrast ratio: 1000:1 static
  • Brightness: 350nits
  • Display features: On-screen controls; Low blue light mode; Anti-glare
  • Display input ports: 1 HDMI 2.0; 1 DisplayPort 1.2
  • Power consumption: 46 W (maximum), 38 W (typical), 0.5 W (standby)
  • In the box: HDMI cable included
  • VESA Mount
  • Adaptive Sync support ( AMD Freesync Premium )

Do you really need to buy a 4K monitor for work?

If you have never used a 4K monitor or a QHD monitor, you would be very much confused to go with which monitor from which brand. There are many 4K, QHD, and Full HD monitors out there made by brands like Benq, Lenovo, Dell, MSI, Acer, LG, Samsung, etc at varying prices. Most of the 4K Monitors are priced above Rs 30000 in India. You can also find some Benq 4K monitors as well as Lenovo and Philips 4K monitors selling in India for under Rs 30,000 online.

Do you really need a 4K monitor?
If you have been straining your eyes staring into your 14-inch or 13-inch laptop, it is recommended you invest in an external monitor. This not only gives you a better viewing experience, but you also get to use a Dual monitor setup by extending the screen. This really helps if you switch between different tabs when you are working from home.

Do you need a 4K Monitor for this purpose? The quick answer is No. A good Full HD monitor like Dell P Series P2419H ( the current bestseller on ) is more than enough for your work needs. Oftentimes 4K is overkill for the tasks you do on a daily basis.

However, if you really want to buy a 4K monitor, and have plenty of money keep in mind of these tips when choosing a 4K Monitor.

Do not buy a 27 inch or 24 inches 4K monitor. In these sizes, at Full 4K resolution, the icons and texts look very small and are often impossible to read and work properly. If you are on Windows, it will automatically scale it around 150% for you to get a better look at the icons and text. So this scaling result in the display looks like you are using a Full HD monitor. You won’t be getting the extra real estate you were expecting to get from a 4K monitor. So if you are buying a 4K monitor, to get the full use of the resolution, get a 32 inch one. If you have never used a big monitor, you would need some getting used to the large area your eyes have to wander.

If you are buying a 27 inch Monitor, I would recommend you get a QHD resolution monitor. If you are buying a 24 inch or 22 inch Monitor, get a Full HD one. These are the best sizes for these respective resolutions in my opinion. A 27 inch Full HD monitor would look a bit pixelated. So it’s better to go for a 24 inch if you going for a Full HD monitor.

Do not buy a VA Panel 4K Monitor. I recently used a VA Panel 4K monitor which was selling for under Rs 30K in India online. The viewing angles were not that good and the colors get washed out towards the edges. VA Panels are cheaper, but if you want a better visual experience, pay more and get a good IPS monitor.

Best selling 4K Monitors in India ( April 2021 )
LG Ultrafine 27UL850 27 Inch 4K (3840 x 2160) – Price: Rs 43,280
LG 27 inch 4K-UHD 27UL550 ( Price: Rs 30,999 )
Benq EL2870U VA Panel ( Price: Rs 22,990 )
Samsung 28 inch LU28R550UQWXXL ( Rs 27,999 )
Acer Nitro VG280K 28 inch UHD 3840 X 2160 ( Rs 24,999 )
Acer Predator 27-inch 4K UHD XB273K ( Rs 47,500 )

Check out all the Best Selling Computer Monitors on here.

Samsung LS32AM700UWXXL M7 Smart Monitor Price in India ( 4K UHD / 32 inch / USB Type-C )

Samsung has launched LS32AM700UWXXL M7 Smart Monitor in India online. It has a launch selling price of Rs 36,999 and an MRP price of Rs 57,000. In the US, the price for this model is $399. This smart monitor is now in stock online on ( check here for the current lowest price ).

Launch offer: You can get a free Logitech MK240 Nano Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo bundled with this monitor. Amazon is also offering 12 month Prime Membership with the purchase. These offers are valid till April 30th 2021.

Other Samsung Smart Monitor India Models: Samsung LS27AM500NWXXL 27 inch FHD M5 Smart Monitor ( Price: Rs 21,999 ) / LS32AM500NWXX 32 inch FHD Smart LED Monitor M5 ( Price: Rs 24,999 )

Samsung LS32AM700UWXXL M7 is a Smart Monitor featuring a 31.5 inch 4K UHD resolution display. It has a 16:9 aspect ratio and supports 3,840 x 2,160 pixels resolution. This panel has a static contrast ratio of 3,000:1(Typ.) and supports a max brightness of 250nits. It comes with HDR10+ support.

This smart monitor features a “Do-It-All Screen” and supports Wireless DeX to connect your mobile to the monitor. It also ships with integrated AirPlay 2 so that you can connect Apple devices to the monitor and use it on the big 4K screen. This monitor supports Automatic Source Switch Plus which can automatically detect newly connected devices as soon they are plugged in.

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Samsung LS32AM700UWXXL Specifications

  • 32 inch 4K UHD Monitor ( 31.5 inch / 3,840 x 2,160 pixels )
  • 60Hz refresh rate
  • 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Static Contrast ratio: 3,000:1(Typ.)
  • Viewing angle: 178°(H)/178°(V)
  • Response time: 8(GTG) ms
  • Brightness: 250nits
  • HDR10+ support
  • Samsung Dex support
  • Power Consumption (Max): 150W
  • 2x HDMI Inputs / 3 USB HUB / 2x USB Ports / 1x USB Type-C / 2x USB Down Port
  • 5W x 2 Speakers
  • Display features: Eye Saver Mode, Flicker Free, Game Mode, Mobile to TV – Mirroring – DLNA, ConnectShare (USB 2.0), Dolby Digital Plus
  • USB Firmware Update
  • Auto Source Switch+
  • USB-C Charging Power: 65W
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • Internal Player OS: Tizen
  • Remote Control support ( Model: TM2050A )

Lenovo Legion Y25-25 Gaming Monitor Price in India ( 24.5-inch / 240Hz / G-sync Compatible )

Lenovo has launched Legion Y25-25 Gaming Monitor ( 66AAGAC6IN ) in India online. It has a launch selling price of Rs 29,749 online ( March 2021 Price ). The MRP price for this model is Rs 34,490. This monitor is now in stock online on ( check here for the current lowest price ).

Lenovo Legion Y25-25 66AAGAC6IN is a Professional Esport gaming featuring a Full HD 1920×1080 pixels, WLED display. It has an IPS panel with a max refresh rate of 240hz supported. It has a pixel response time of 1 ms in Extreme mode and 3 ms in Normal mode.

The max brightness supported by this panel is 400 nits. For good color accuracy, this monitor has 99% sRGB color gamut. This monitor is AMD FreeSync Premium and G-SYNC Compatible offering a good gaming experience. For connectivity, it has a Display Port and an HDMI 2.0 Port. It also comes with 4x USB 3.2 Gen1 (2x BC1.2) Ports.

Lenovo Legion Y25-25 Monitor Full Specs ( 66AAGAC6IN )

  • 24.5 inch Screen size
  • WLED IPS Panel
  • 240hz refresh rate
  • 16:9 aspect ratio
  • 178 / 178 viewing angle
  • 16.7 Million colors
  • 8-bit color depth
  • Anti-glare panel
  • Full HD 1920×1080 pixels resolution
  • Response time: 1 ms (Extreme mode) / 3 ms (Normal mode)
  • 1000:1 contrast ratio
  • 400nits brightness
  • 99% sRGB color gamut
  • 1x HDMI Port ( 2.0 )
  • 1x Display Port
  • 4x USB 3.2 Gen1 (2x BC1.2) USB Ports
  • 1 x Audio Out (3.5mm)
  • Power consumption: 30w Typical / 75w Maximum
  • Integrated power adapter
  • TÜV Rheinland Eye Comfort-certified
  • AMD FreeSync Premium / G-SYNC Compatible

From the manufacturer
Professional Esport gaming is an extremely competitive space—where the difference between winning and losing comes down to the minutest of details. To stand out from the competition, you need equipment that matches the speed of your thought and actions. The Legion Y25-25 delivers wins in the toughest, most critical situations. NVIDIA G-SYNC Compatible technology takes motion blur out of the equation, improving visual clarity and making prolonged gaming sessions enjoyable. This monitor’s 24.5-inch In-Plane Switching (IPS) panel with a 240 Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time makes it possible to spot an opponent before they see you. When it comes down to a quickfire duel, that is the difference between firing first and getting shot.

Samsung LC32G75TQSWXXL Gaming Monitor Price in India ( 240hz / WQHD / 1000R Curved )

Samsung has launched Odyssey G7 LC32G75TQSWXXL Gaming Monitor in India online. The current lowest price is Rs 48,499 ( Mar 2021 Price ). The MRP price for this model in India is Rs 72,000. It is now in stock online on ( check here for the current lowest price ).

Samsung Odyssey G7 LC32G75TQSWXXL is a 32 inch 1000R curved gaming monitor with a high refresh rate of 240hz supported. It features a WQHD resolution VA Panel offering a screen resolution of 2560 x 1440 Pixels. Samsung uses QLED technology on this monitor for a more realistic gaming experience.

It has a typical brightness of 350nits and a Peak brightness of 600nits supported. This monitor comes with HDR support ( VESA DisplayHDR 600 ). For a better gaming experience, Samsung has equipped this monitor with both FreeSync Premium Pro and Nvidia G-Sync support. Check out the full specs and features below.

Samsung LC32G75TQSWXXL Specs and Features

  • Display size: 31.5
  • Display Type: Curved
  • Panel type: VA
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9
  • Max resolution: 2,560 x 1,440 pixels
  • DCI Color gamut: Typ 95%, Min 88%
  • Brightness: 300nits min / 350 nits typical / 600nits Peak brightness
  • Max refresh rate: 240hz
  • Static Contrast ratio: 2,500:1(Typ.)
  • HDR support: VESA DisplayHDR 600
  • Response time: 1ms(GtG)
  • Viewing angle: 178°(H)/178°(V)
  • Max color supported: 1.07B
  • Sync support: G-Sync Compatible / FreeSync Premium Pro
  • Display Port: 2 EA
  • Display Port Version: 1.4
  • HDMI Port: 1 EA
  • HDMI version: 2
  • USB Ports: 2
  • Headphone Port: Yes
  • Other features: USB Super Charging, Black Equalizer, Super Arena Gaming UX, Refresh Rate Optimizer, Factory Tunning

Acer AOPEN 27HC5R 32HC5QR P Monitors Price in India

Acer has launched two Curved Gaming monitors in India – AOPEN 32HC5QR P and AOPEN 27HC5R P. The 32 inch 32HC5QR P monitor has an MRP price of Rs 18,800 and a launch price of Rs 16,999. The 27 inch 27HC5R P Monitor has a Rs 16,999 MRP price tag and a launch price of Rs 14,299 online. These models are now in stock on ( check here for the lowest price ).

Acer AOPEN 27HC5R P features a 27 inch, 1500R Curved Full HD screen with a max refresh rate of 165hz supported ( overclocked ). Acer AOPEN 32HC5QR P on the other hand features a 32 inch, 1800R Curved Full HD screen with 165hz refresh rate support. Both these models support a 5ms response time.

For a better visual experience, Acer has equipped these models with AMD Freesync technology. The AOPEN 27HC5R P supports a max brightness of 250nits while the bigger 32HC5QR P can go up to 300nits. Both these models have VA Panels and support features like Bluelight Shield and Flickerless Technology.

Acer AOPEN 27HC5R P / 32HC5QR P Full Specs

  • 1920×1080 Pixel Resolution
  • Curved 1500R screen ( 27 inch ) / 1800R Screen ( 32 inch )
  • 250nits ( 27 inch ) / 300nits ( 32 inch )
  • Contrast Ratio 4000:1 (Native)
  • AMD FreeSync Premium
  • 5ms response time
  • Vertical Alignment (VA) Panel
  • Zero frame Design
  • FreeSync Premium Support
  • BlueLightShield
  • 144 Hz Refresh rate ( 165hz overclocked )
  • Headphone Jack
  • DisplayPort / 2x HDMI Ports