GoPro Hero 8 Black with Adventure Kit Price in India

GoPro Hero 8 Black with Adventure Kit now available in India online on Flipkart / | MRP price: Rs 36,500.

GoPro has launched Hero 8 Black CHDHX-801-RW with Adventure Kit in India. It has an MRP price of Rs 36,500 and currently sells for Rs 35,500. It is in stock on Flipkart ( check here for the lowest price ) and ( check here ).

Adeventure Kit Details

  • The Handler (Floating Hand Grip) for handheld footage in and out of the water.
  • Head Strap for immersive point-of-view shots
  • QuickClip for attaching your GoPro to a baseball cap

In the US, the price for the Adventure Kit alone is US $49.99.

In India, you can buy GoPro Hero 8 Action Camera only for a price of Rs 33,689 right now. You can get it with Extra Battery for Rs 35,355. Extra Battery + Dual Battery Charger combo has a price of Rs 38,139. You can also buy the Hero 8 with Shorty and Chesty combos ( check all different combos and their prices on here )

Older generation GoPro Hero 7 Black Action Camera is now available for an Offer price of Rs 27,999 without Accessory.

Deal on GoPro HERO8 Black with 3-Way Grip on Amazon India [ Price Drop ]

Price Drop | Deal on GoPro HERO8 Black with 3-Way Grip and Rechargeable Battery on Amazon India

Amazon India has listed GoPro HERO8 Black with 3-Way Grip and Rechargeable Battery for a Deal price of Rs 31,999. Normally on the product page, lists warranty information, which is actually missing on this model – so buy at your own risk.

This bundle is called GoPro Hero 8 New Year Bundle. Check out the Deal page here. has been selling GoPro Hero 8 for a price of Rs 34,490. You can also buy it with various accessories combos. ( check them out here )

The current best-selling action camera in India right now ( June 2020 ) is older GoPro Hero 7 with Shorty, SD Card, and Rechargeable Battery ( Rs 28,990 only ). If you want a cheaper action camera, you can also buy DJI Osmo Action for Rs 21,999 ( check here )