Apple iPhone 15 Pro: 3 Months Later with MKBHD – A Detailed Review

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Marques Brownlee, aka MKBHD, has lived with the Apple iPhone 15 Pro for 3 months, ditching the case and putting this sleek titanium beast through its paces. So, after the initial hype has settled, does the iPhone 15 Pro hold up under real-world usage? Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of MKBHD’s in-depth review:

Design and Durability: Apple took a bold step with the iPhone 15 Pro’s new titanium frame and lighter color options. MKBHD praises the reduced fingerprint magnet factor, a clear win over the previous fingerprint-loving gloss back. However, don’t be lulled into a false sense of security – the titanium, while beautiful, is still susceptible to scratches with everyday use. So, even though you might not be wiping smudges constantly, you’ll still want to be mindful of accidental nicks and scrapes.

Camera: The big camera story this year was the addition of multiple focal lengths, allowing you to switch between different “zoom levels” without physically moving the lens. MKBHD’s verdict? This feature, while technically impressive, ends up being more of a novelty. He rarely found himself using the different focal lengths, sticking to the main sensor most of the time. However, he applauds the new crop button in iOS 17, making it easier to fine-tune your photos after the fact.

Action Button: This customizable side button was another Apple experiment, intended for quick actions like launching your favorite app or triggering specific camera functions. Unfortunately, MKBHD found the placement awkward and ended up primarily using it… to open the camera app. Whoops! While the potential for customizability is there, its current implementation seems to fall short of its intended purpose.

USB-C: The Long-Awaited Switch: Finally, ditching the Lightning port! MKBHD welcomes the move to USB-C, making charging and data transfer more universal and convenient. However, there’s a slight sting in the tail – Apple’s proprietary MagSafe chargers still use Lightning, so you’ll need to carry an adapter or two if you rely on those. It’s a small inconvenience in the grand scheme of things, but worth noting for those committed to the MagSafe ecosystem.

Software Tweaks: iOS 17 brings some subtle but welcome changes. The aforementioned crop button is a game-changer for photo editing enthusiasts. Additionally, a new toggle in the camera app lets you record spatial video for the Apple Vision Pro headset, opening up creative possibilities for VR enthusiasts. And thankfully, those mysterious heat issues MKBHD encountered with the Instagram app seem to have been ironed out with software updates.

Overall Verdict: So, is the iPhone 15 Pro a must-have upgrade? MKBHD sees it as a solid iteration, particularly for those rocking older iPhones. It doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but it refines the familiar iPhone experience with thoughtful improvements like the crop button and USB-C. Some features, like the Action Button and multiple focal lengths, might not hit the mark perfectly, but the overall package remains polished and powerful. If you’re craving a dramatic leap forward, however, you might want to hold onto your current iPhone for a bit longer.

Bonus Points: MKBHD goes caseless for 3 months, showcasing the beauty and durability (with some scratches) of the titanium design. He also throws in some cool comparisons with the base iPhone 15, highlighting the camera and battery life differences.

Ultimately, the iPhone 15 Pro is a well-rounded evolution, not a revolution. It’s a testament to Apple’s continued refinement of its flagship device, offering familiar excellence with a sprinkle of new features (some more successful than others). Whether it’s enough to warrant an upgrade depends on your individual needs and upgrade itch. But if you’re looking for a top-tier iPhone experience with a touch of titanium flair, the iPhone 15 Pro has you covered.

To watch the full video, check out his Youtube channel here.

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