Android 15 Developer Preview: A Dive into the Future of Mobile Development

android 15

The wait is over! Google has released the first Developer Preview of Android 15, giving developers a glimpse into the exciting new features and capabilities coming to the next iteration of the popular mobile platform.

This blog post will break down the key highlights of the preview, focusing on areas like:

Enhanced Privacy and Security:

  • Privacy Sandbox on Android: Integrates the latest version of this framework, aiming to improve user privacy while enabling effective advertising.
  • Health Connect: Expands support for sharing app-collected health and fitness data across various categories.
  • FileIntegrityManager: New APIs leverage the fs-verity feature to ensure file integrity and protection against tampering.
  • Partial screen sharing: Apps can now share or record specific app windows instead of the entire screen, enhancing user control.

Supporting Creators:

  • In-app Camera Controls: More control over hardware and algorithms on supported devices, including low light enhancements and flash adjustments.
  • Virtual MIDI 2.0 Devices: Composition apps can control synthesizer apps just like hardware MIDI devices.

Performance and Quality:

  • Dynamic Performance Framework (ADPF): New features like power-efficiency mode and thermal headroom thresholds for better power and thermal management.
  • Developer Productivity: OpenJDK API additions for NIO buffers, streams, and security, reaching over a billion devices through Play System updates.

App Compatibility:

  • Platform Stability milestone: Announced in advance for June 2024, providing ample time for developers to adjust their apps.

Getting Started:

  • Download and flash the system image onto supported Pixel devices or use the emulator in Android Studio.
  • Test new features, report issues, and provide feedback.
  • Remember, this is a developer preview, not intended for daily or consumer use.

Important Note:

  • Sideloading OTA images is temporarily disabled due to a known issue. Use factory images instead for testing.

With Android 15, Google is clearly focused on user privacy, creator empowerment, performance optimization, and developer support. By participating in the developer preview program, you can help shape the future of Android and ensure your apps are ready for the next big update.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the Android 15 Developer Preview and join the journey towards a better mobile experience for everyone!

For complete information, visit the Android 15 developer site.

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