Apple ‎2023 iMac MQRC3HN/A Listed on Amazon India | Check Price, Specs and Features

Apple ‎2023 iMac MQRC3HNA ‎MQRC3HN/A

The latest addition to the Apple family, the 2023 iMac MQRC3HN/A, is more than just a computer; it’s a statement piece that combines impressive technology with stunning design. This 24-inch model, equipped with the M3 chip and a dazzling array of features, is now available for purchase in India, exclusively on Let’s dive into what makes this iMac a must-have for both professionals and casual users.

Apple 2023 iMac MQRC3HN/A (24-inch, M3 chip with 8‑core CPU and 8‑core GPU, 8GB Unified Memory, 256GB) – Blue is now available to purchase online in India from It has a launch pre-order price of ₹1,34,900. Check out the product page here to know more about the current lowest price, offers and buyer reviews if any.

Supercharged Performance

M3 Chip: The heart of the 2023 MQRC3HN/A iMac is the M3 chip, which boasts an 8‑core CPU and 8‑core GPU. This next-generation chip ensures that whether you’re creating presentations, editing videos, or indulging in gaming, your experience will be seamless and fast.

Design: Sleek and Space-Efficient

The MQRC3HN/A iMac’s all-in-one design is not only strikingly thin but also comes in a vibrant blue color, ensuring it stands out in any room. It’s designed to fit perfectly into your space, whether it’s a professional studio or a cozy home office.

Display: A Visual Treat

The 24-inch 4.5K Retina display is a feast for the eyes. With 500 nits of brightness and a billion color support, every image is rendered in exquisite detail, making everything from movie streaming to photo editing a vivid and immersive experience.

Advanced Camera and Audio

Camera: The MQRC3HN/A iMac 2023 model features a 1080p FaceTime HD camera, offering crystal-clear video calls. Audio: The audio experience is equally impressive, with a studio-quality three-mic array and a six-speaker sound system equipped with Spatial Audio. This setup ensures you both look and sound your best, whether in virtual meetings or recording podcasts.

Compatibility and Connectivity

Apps: This iMac MQRC3HN/A runs all your favorite apps at lightning speed, including Microsoft 365, Adobe Creative Cloud, and Zoom. Plus, it supports many iPhone and iPad apps. Apple Ecosystem: Seamlessly integrate with your Apple devices. Copy text on your iPhone and paste it on your iMac, take FaceTime calls, or send texts through Messages.

Accessories and Ports

Magic Accessories: The iMac comes with a color-matched Magic Mouse and Magic Keyboard, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality. Connectivity: It features two Thunderbolt / USB 4 ports, up to two USB 3 ports, a headphone jack, Wi-Fi 6E, and Bluetooth 5.3. Gigabit Ethernet is also available, ensuring you can connect all your devices with ease.

Storage and User Experience

With ample fast SSD storage, the iMac can handle all your files, photos, videos, and applications without a hitch. It’s designed to be user-friendly, allowing even first-time Mac users to get started quickly and efficiently.


The Apple 2023 iMac MQRC3HN/A is more than just a computer; it’s a comprehensive work and entertainment solution that marries high performance with stunning design. It’s an investment in both efficiency and elegance, making it an ideal choice for a diverse range of users. For more detailed specifications, you can visit the official Apple page.

Apple ‎2023 iMac MQRC3HNA side view
Apple ‎2023 iMac MQRC3HNA keyboard
Apple ‎2023 iMac MQRC3HNA M3 chip
Apple ‎2023 iMac MQRC3HNA different color options
Apple ‎2023 iMac MQRC3HNA in the box

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