Marques Brownlee aka MKBHD reviews the Apple Vision Pro VR Headset

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In this YouTube video, Marques Brownlee aka MKBHD reviews the Apple Vision Pro, a VR headset he considers to be “a really expensive really fun toy”. While he acknowledges the headset’s limitations, such as its weight, comfort, app selection, battery life, and price, he believes it has the potential to be a major success in the future. Here are some of the key points from his review:


  • Sharpest display: The Vision Pro has the best display of any VR headset Brownlee has used, with micro OLED displays that are incredibly sharp and have a high refresh rate.
  • Fast eye tracking: The eye tracking is very fast and accurate, which helps to make the experience more immersive.
  • Passthrough: The passthrough is the best Brownlee has ever seen, making it easy to see the real world around you without taking off the headset.
  • Hand controls: The hand controls are intuitive and easy to use, making it possible to interact with objects in the virtual world in a natural way.
  • Ecosystem: The Vision Pro is part of a growing ecosystem of VR products and services, which could make it more appealing to users in the future.


  • Weight and comfort: The Vision Pro is heavy and not very comfortable to wear for long periods.
  • Field of view: The field of view is not as wide as some other VR headsets.
  • App selection: There are not many apps available for the Vision Pro yet.
  • Battery life: The battery life is not very good.
  • Price: The Vision Pro is very expensive.

Overall, Brownlee believes that the Vision Pro is a promising first-generation product that has the potential to be a major success in the future. However, he also acknowledges that it has several limitations that may make it a difficult sell for some users.

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Here are some additional details from the video that you may find interesting:

  • MKBHD believes that eye tracking is one of the most important features of the Vision Pro, and he is curious to see how Apple will develop it in future generations.
  • He also believes that the passthrough is an important feature, and he thinks it could be used for a variety of applications, such as AR gaming and productivity.
  • Brownlee is excited about the potential of the Vision Pro, but he also acknowledges that it is a very expensive product. He says that if you are thinking about buying one, you should be prepared to overlook its limitations.

Check out the full video here.

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