Instagram’s Reach Issue: A Photographer’s Dilemma

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In recent times, a growing concern amongst the photography community on Instagram has been the noticeable decline in reach and engagement, irrespective of the follower count. A diverse group of photographers, from those with a few thousand followers to those in the hundreds of thousands, have voiced their frustrations, echoing a shared sentiment of diminishing returns on their efforts to connect and engage with their audience.

The below analysis is based on a Meta Threads app Thread post about photographers complaining about Instagram reach. The usernames mentioned below are users on the Meta Threads platform.

The Core of the Issue

Photographers like drnptz, who boasts a following of 3,500, and jason__buckley, with 2,400 followers, find themselves reaching merely 5% of their audience. This trend is not isolated but seems to be a widespread issue affecting users across the board. Whole.cijeli mentions a plummet from a 500k reach to a mere 150 individuals, hitting only 5-10% of their follower base. Such staggering drops are causing concern, leading many to question the platform’s viability for organic growth and engagement.

The Ghost Follower Phenomenon

A part of the problem appears to be “ghost followers,” as mentioned by yedemodo. These are inactive or fake accounts that don’t engage with the content, effectively skewing engagement metrics and perhaps contributing to the reduced reach as Instagram’s algorithms prioritize engagement.

Seeking Solutions and Alternatives

The community has been buzzing with strategies and alternatives. Growwithchihu suggests focusing on creating content that resonates with the audience, believing consistency is key to fixing reach issues. Meanwhile, black_orchid_photo_studio and bishopia suggest focusing on SEO and Pinterest, moving away from Instagram due to its declining organic reach and the necessity of paid promotions to gain visibility.

Diversifying Platforms

Grizzbx and others point towards TikTok as a viable alternative, citing better engagement and reach. This sentiment is echoed by artbysmackjack and bella.vitaminsea, who have found success on platforms like TikTok and Pinterest, which are perceived to be more creator-friendly.

Engagement Over Numbers

Sduncan0822 and others emphasize the importance of engaging content—comments, likes, saves, and shares—over mere follower counts. The underlying message is clear: Social media is about being social, and interaction is key to visibility.

The Pay-to-Play Model

Many users, such as black_orchid_photo_studio and commercible, acknowledge the shift towards a pay-to-play model on Instagram, where visibility is increasingly tied to advertising spend. This reality has prompted users to explore other avenues, such as email marketing, which commercible suggests still outperforms social media for engagement.

The Community’s Sentiment

The overall sentiment among photographers on Instagram is one of frustration and disillusionment. While some, like crowevghost, have found Instagram more favorable than other platforms, the consensus leans towards the need for diversification and adaptation in strategy. Whether through embracing new platforms, investing in ads, or focusing on quality engagement, the photography community is actively seeking ways to overcome the challenges posed by Instagram’s evolving landscape.


Instagram’s reach issue has sparked a significant debate among photographers, driving them to explore alternatives and rethink their engagement strategies. As the platform continues to evolve, so too must the approaches of content creators, who must navigate the delicate balance between maintaining authenticity and adapting to the changing dynamics of social media engagement. The situation serves as a reminder of the ever-changing nature of digital platforms and the need for adaptability in the digital age.

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