[ FIX ] Mouse Pointer Blinking Flickering Issue on Ubuntu

Mouse Pointer Blinking / Flickering issues can be caused by a wide range of reasons. According to askubuntu.com, fractional scaling on the external monitors, graphics driver misbehavior, etc can cause the issue. If you have enabled Cursor Blinking from Gnome Accessibility Settings, this can also happen.

I have started facing the Mouse Pointer Blinking / Flickering issue on my Ubuntu Desktop (Ubuntu 22.10 Kinetic Kudu ) from last week onwards. I don’t have an Nvidia graphics driver installed as I don’t have an Nvidia Graphics. The fix mentioned on askubuntu and other forums revolved around fractional scaling, which is off in my situation, so it can’t be the issue. Gnome Curser Blinking settings is off as well.

Screenshot from 2022 12 16 14 13 01
Screenshot from 2022 12 16 14 12 47

After a lot of Google searches, I was a bit disappointed I couldn’t find the exact solution and solve the problem. I had to restart every time this issue hits, and it won’t stop it from appearing again. What else can I do? I thought to myself. That’s when I remembered i could try switching to a virtual console and then switch back to the UI and see if it fixes the issue… and it did.

Here is how I fixed my Mouse pointer blinking issue

Press Ctrl + Alt + F4 – it will switch you to a virtual console. Now, come back to the UI by pressing Ctrl + Alt + F2. If the issue you have is similar to mine, this should fix your issue. This is not a permanent solution, but it’s an easy temporary fix to execute.

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