Buying Laptops Online in 2023? Keep these things in mind

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It’s 2023, and more and more people are online, and increasingly depending on online shopping websites to buy products such as Electronics, Mobiles, Laptops etc. There are advantages and disadvantages to buying things online. The big advantage is you can often find products at big discounts during sales weeks such as Big Billion Days on Flipkart or Great Indian Festival Sale on The downside of buying things online is the possibility of not getting the product you ordered.

If you search online, you would find numerous cases where people got duplicate products, or old products, or like a few unlucky ones who got stones instead of what they ordered. This happens when you buy products from a fraud seller online. So, the first thing you should check when buying a laptop or any product online is to check the Seller reviews. Make sure the seller you are buying from is not a rogue seller and has good recent reviews. If the seller is a bad one, chances are those who got old products or stones for sure would have left a review on that seller’s profile. Avoid such sellers at all costs.

The next tip when purchasing online is to take big out-of-the-world offers with a pinch of salt. For eg, if you saw a laptop that usually sells for Rs 80000 selling for just Rs 20000, there is a high chance the product you are going to get is not going to be a genuine, brand new product. Don’t fall for such fraudulent offers.

People often buy Renewed products or Refurbished products online to save some money. When buying such products, make sure to read the reviews available on that product listing before buying them. Even though the listing says refurbished, some sellers just sell returned products or open-box product as refurbished. I once bought a laptop thinking it would be factory refurbished by the manufacturer and turns out to be just a returned product by another customer.

If you are paying a large sum of money and buying a laptop or computer from, in addition to checking the reviews of the seller, also make sure the item is Fulfilled by Amazon. According to the official definition, all Items Fulfilled by Amazon are stored, packed, and dispatched by Amazon.

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