HP Omen 16-n0345ax Nvidia RTX 3070 Ti Specs

HP Omen 16

HP Omen 16-n0345ax ( SKU: 81p04pa#acj ) available in the local market has similar features to the highly sought HP Omen 16-n0123AX model which sold for Rs 114,990 on Amazon.in during the offer time. Both have similar specs and features and look almost identical.

HP Omen 16-n0123AX vs HP Omen 16-n0345ax – RTX 3070 Ti on both the same?

I currently don’t have access to HP Omen 16-n0123AX, but have access to HP Omen 16-n0345ax. On the box, as well as in the Nvidia app Specification, it says it has Nvidia Max-Q technologies. Both have 150 TGP – max graphics power.

A reviewer on Amazon.in for the Omen 16-n0123AX mentions, that model also has Nvidia Max-Q technologies in the description, but he says the following.

“its not a max q. Its fully powered 3070ti (150 watts) and jn benchmarks its about 8-10% slower than legion 5i pro rtx 3070ti,,but but those laptops cost a heck lot , so as a price to performance it just nails it” – Read all reviews on Amazon.in here.

I am not 100% sure both HP Omen 16-n0123AX and HP Omen 16-n0345ax have 100% identical specs.

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Check out the HP Omen 16-n0345ax RTX 3070 Ti specs below ( taken from the laptop ).

  • DirectX version:12.0
  • GPU processor: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti Laptop GPU
  • Driver version: 536.23
  • Driver Type: DCH
  • Direct3D feature level:12_1
  • CUDA Cores: 5888
  • Max-Q Technologies: Yes
  • Dynamic Boost: Yes
  • WhisperMode: No
  • Advanced Optimus: No
  • Maximum Graphics Power: 150 W
  • Core clock: 1035 MHz
  • Memory data rate: 11.74 Gbps
  • Memory interface: 256-bit
  • Memory bandwidth: 375.74 GB/s
  • Total available graphics memory: 15986 MB
  • Dedicated video memory: 8192 MB GDDR6
  • System video memory: 0 MB
  • Shared system memory: 7794 MB
  • Video BIOS version: 94.04.7C.00.14
  • IRQ: Not used
  • Bus: PCI Express x8 Gen4

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