Smartphone Durability Awards 2023 by JerryRigEverything

Smartphone Durability Awards 2023!

In JerryRigEverything’s year-end wrap-up video, the 2023 Smartphone Durability Awards were announced, recognizing the toughest, most repairable, and most innovative phones of the year. Here’s a detailed look at the winners and why they were chosen:

Most Repairable Smartphone:

  • Winner: Fairphone 5
  • Reasons: Takes the crown for repairability with its modular design, allowing repairs with just a screwdriver. Replacement parts are readily available from the manufacturer, and it boasts a 5-year warranty.

Runner-up: Pixel 8 Pro

  • Reasons: Offers repair parts through iFixit, making it a close contender for repairability. Screen repairs require more skill, but Google’s commitment to long-term repairability is commendable.

Least Repairable Smartphone:

  • Winner: ROG Phone 7 Ultimate
  • Reasons: A nightmare to disassemble and reassemble due to its complex internal structure with multiple circuit boards, batteries, and intricate ribbon cables.

Most Innovative Smartphone:

  • Winner: ROG Phone 7 Ultimate
  • Reasons: Features a motorized flap revealing an internal copper heat sink for extreme cooling, making it the most innovative phone of the year.

Runner-up: iPhone 15 Pro

  • Reasons: Bringing USB-C to the table is notable, but the innovation feels delayed compared to Android. The titanium exterior is cool, but it’s just a superficial layer, not a solid body.

Coolest Looking Phone from the Inside:

  • Winner: iPhone 15 Pro
  • Reasons: The removable back glass showcases Apple’s aesthetic design choices, like the copper wireless charging magnet and the camera’s sensor shift mechanism.

Best All-Round Folding Phone:

  • Winner: Z Flip 5
  • Reasons: Survived JerryRigEverything’s durability tests, including being bent backwards, and remained fully functional after being completely torn down and reassembled.

Least Durable Smartphone:

  • Winner: Pixel Fold
  • Reasons: Catastrophically fails due to its design. Unlike other folding phones, the halves don’t meet when open, allowing the phone to bend and snap under pressure.

Most Durable Non-Rugged Smartphone:

  • Winner: Pixel 7A
  • Reasons: Its plastic back makes it less prone to shattering and falls into the same repairable category as the Pixel 8 Pro.

Additional Notes:

  • The video also highlights JerryRigEverything’s achievements in 2023, including funding accessibility projects like the KiDRCK and custom wheelchairs, thanks to viewer support.
  • 2024 promises exciting developments, with JerryRigEverything planning an off-roading adventure with his electric Hanvey and potentially more smartphone durability awards.

You can watch the full Smartphone Durability Awards 2023 on Youtube here.

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