MSI Stealth 14 AI Studio A1VGG-054IN has RTX 4060 Graphics or RTX 4070 ?

MSI Stealth 14 AI Studio A1VGG-054IN

Amazon India ( ) has listed a few 2024 MSI laptops online. Of those, the one listed recently is a high-end, expensive machine in the form of MSI Stealth 14 AI Studio A1VGG-054IN. This 2024 laptop model’s price in India starts at ₹2,49,417, with an MRP price of ₹2,57,990 ( according to ).

Let’s talk about the specs of MSI Stealth 14 AI Studio A1VGG-054IN. According to the Amazon listing, it says “MSI Stealth 14 AI Studio, Intel Core Ultra 7 155H, 36CM 2.8K OLED 120Hz Gaming Laptop(16GBx2/1TB NVMe SSD/Windows 11 Home/NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060, Star Blue/1.7Kg), A1VGG-054IN”.

According to this product page, A1VGG-054IN is powered by a Meteor Lake Intel Core Ultra 7 155H processor and Nvidia GeForce RTX 4060 laptop graphics GPU.

This doesn’t look right.

According to the official MSI Stealth 14 AI Studio page, the A1VGG models are equipped with the Nvidia RTX 4070 Graphics, not the RTX 4060. The listed price ₹2,49,417 is a bit higher as well for an RTX 4060 laptop. The Stealth 14 AI Studio A1VFG variant is the model that comes with an RTX 4060. Stealth 14 AI Studio A1VEG is the other variant in this series, which has RTX 4050.

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So, most probably, there is a specs typo error in the listing of the A1VGG-054IN. There is no way to confirm this at the time of writing, as the official MSI India website is yet to list this item for sale.

Stay tuned. I will be updating this post once more info is available. You can check out the product page on here for the current lowest price, ongoing offers, reviews and availability.

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