GoPro HERO9 Black Holiday Bundle listed on Amazon India

GoPro HERO9 Black Holiday Bundle is now available in India online. It will go on sale on during the Great Republic Day 2021 Sale from Jan 20-23. The official price is yet to be announced, however, you will be able to get this on a launch offer price during the sale. ( check here )

GoPro HERO9 Black Holiday Bundle March 2021 Price in India: Rs 49,999

GoPro HERO9 Black Holiday Bundle comes with some extra accessories, which when you buy individually would cost you more than the price of the bundle.

With the Holiday Bundle, you can get GoPro Hero 9 Black Camera, The Handler (Floating Hand Grip), Magnetic Swivel Clip, Spare Battery, 32GB SD Card and Camera Case.

HERO9 Black is the latest Action camera from the GoPro featuring a new Dual-screen design. While the older models came with 12MP sensors, the newer Hero 9 can take 20MP photos and supports video recordings up to 5K @ 30fps for better quality. It is powered by a 1720mAh Lithium-Ion and offers 30% more battery life than the previous generation model.

GoPro Hero 9 Black has an MRP price of Rs 49,500. The current lowest price is Rs 38,100 ( Jan 17, 2021 Price ).

GoPro Hero 9 Black Offer on Amazon India, Flipkart

GoPro Hero 9 is now available for a Discounted price online on Flipkart and The MRP price for this model is Rs 49,990 in India. The current lowest price for GoPro Hero 9 online is Rs 39,999 ( July 2021 Price ). Check it out on here.

July 2021 Update – New Arrival: GoPro HERO9 Black Special Bundle with Free 3-Way Grip now available in India. Current lowest price is ₹44,990.

GoPro Hero 9 Black is the successor to the hugely popular Hero 8. There are a few new things on this latest 2020 model. You get a front display like the one we saw on the DJI Osmo Action. The rear display is now a bit larger when compared to the older models. For the first time, you can record 5K video in a GoPro thanks to the new 20MP sensor. Older GoPro models have 12MP sensors and could only do up to 4K 60fps.

Like the Hero 8, the Hero 9 Black also comes with Built-In Mounting with Folding Fingers – so you don’t have to buy a case to mount it on to an accessory as you do with some older models. To get better audio, you would need to buy the 3.5mm Audio Mic media mod or get a Pro 3.5 Mic Adapter.

It has GPS built and Wi-Fi + Bluetooth onboard lets you connect it to your smartphone to quickly transfer photos and videos. Like many new gadgets launching in 2020, this too features a USB Type-C port.

GoPro is bringing improved image stabilization to this new action camera – Hypersmooth 3.0. The raw capture is supported for photos. To shoot better photos in a click, GoPro has a Superphoto+ HDR mode built-in. Features like Scheduled Capture can come in handy if you want the camera to auto switch on during sunrise hours to capture timelapse or video while you are peacefully sleeping in the tend.


INSTA360 ONE R 1-INCH Edition Price in India

INSTA360 has launched One R 1-inch Editon Action Camera in India. It has an MRP price of Rs 54,990 in India. It is now in stock online on ( Check here for the current lowest price )

May 2021 Price update
INSTA360 ONE R Twin Edition Price in India: Rs 54,990 Rs 44,990
INSTA360 ONE R 4K Edition Price : Rs 39,990 Rs 27,990
Insta360 ONE R 360 Edition Price : Rs 38,680 Rs 34,990

Note: Buy it from Appario Retail Private Ltd seller only – as other sellers have to import first and will take weeks to ship.

INSTA360 ONE R 1-INCH Edition is co-developed with Leica. It features a 1-inch sensor that we rarely get to see on a compact action camera. Having a bigger sensor means it performs better in low light and offers a better dynamic range than other action cameras.

You can record up to 5.3K 30 FPS with One R. It features FlowState Stabilization that lets you shoot fluid gimbal-like videos using EIS technology.

Package Contents: 1-Inch Edition includes 1x 1-Inch Wide Angle Mod, 1x Core, 1x Battery Base and 1x Mounting Bracket.

GoPro Hero 8 Black with Adventure Kit Price in India

GoPro Hero 8 Black with Adventure Kit now available in India online on Flipkart / | MRP price: Rs 36,500.

GoPro has launched Hero 8 Black CHDHX-801-RW with Adventure Kit in India. It has an MRP price of Rs 36,500 and currently sells for Rs 35,500. It is in stock on Flipkart ( check here for the lowest price ) and ( check here ).

Adeventure Kit Details

  • The Handler (Floating Hand Grip) for handheld footage in and out of the water.
  • Head Strap for immersive point-of-view shots
  • QuickClip for attaching your GoPro to a baseball cap

In the US, the price for the Adventure Kit alone is US $49.99.

In India, you can buy GoPro Hero 8 Action Camera only for a price of Rs 33,689 right now. You can get it with Extra Battery for Rs 35,355. Extra Battery + Dual Battery Charger combo has a price of Rs 38,139. You can also buy the Hero 8 with Shorty and Chesty combos ( check all different combos and their prices on here )

Older generation GoPro Hero 7 Black Action Camera is now available for an Offer price of Rs 27,999 without Accessory.

Deal on GoPro HERO8 Black with 3-Way Grip on Amazon India [ Price Drop ]

Price Drop | Deal on GoPro HERO8 Black with 3-Way Grip and Rechargeable Battery on Amazon India

Amazon India has listed GoPro HERO8 Black with 3-Way Grip and Rechargeable Battery for a Deal price of Rs 31,999. Normally on the product page, lists warranty information, which is actually missing on this model – so buy at your own risk.

This bundle is called GoPro Hero 8 New Year Bundle. Check out the Deal page here. has been selling GoPro Hero 8 for a price of Rs 34,490. You can also buy it with various accessories combos. ( check them out here )

The current best-selling action camera in India right now ( June 2020 ) is older GoPro Hero 7 with Shorty, SD Card, and Rechargeable Battery ( Rs 28,990 only ). If you want a cheaper action camera, you can also buy DJI Osmo Action for Rs 21,999 ( check here )